Rock and Roll Bingo

We Can Work It Out - The Beatles
Here's how it works: Instead of your boring old numbers being called out in a normal game of bingo, we’ve replaced them with 15-20 seconds bursts of the most toe-tappin’, bum wigglin’ sing along songs from the past and present! All music is played by our resident host Chris Barker, all you have to do is sit, listen and check your bingo card.
The numbers on the card have been replaced with artists and song names, so with your bingo card in hand and your dabber on standby, listen out for the songs being played and mark them off as you would a normal game of bingo.

Video Killed The Radio Star - The Buggles
Take a look at our video below to see the game in all its glory. We hope it goes some way to show the fantastic fun you could have with friends or family in The Grove Tavern.

Scream And Shout-
Play for the line, 4 corners or a full house and when you have a claim, give our host a shout.
We will check the claim, confirm the call and once that’s done you can resume playing.
Keep Your Eyes On The Prize - Bruce Springsteen
All prizes are supplied by The Grove Tavern, with cash prizes & drinks up for grabs.
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